Chlorine in Drinking Water

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After reading this post you will know why we convert more chemical based pools to ozone pools every year. Chemically treated pool water is simply bad for our health. Whether it is Chlorine, Bromine or any other mixture, these chemicals are not what you want entering  or in contact with your body. As most of you all know, we (Boston Biosafety / Eco3 Environmental) not only deal with mold issues, we deal with health related pathogens. Keeping yourself healthy will not only extend your life, it will make your life more pleasurable.

Instead of posting in my usual paragraph format, I thought it best just to use bullet points.
Chlorine and Health  Exposure Risks

* People who work at chlorinated pools are over 700 percent more likely to suffer breathlessness while performing any level of physical activity.

* Spontaneous abortions and stillbirths have been directly linked to chlorine exposure. Pregnant women’s children exposed to chlorine are at higher risk to congenital malformations. 

Consumption and Exposure Risks 

* Birth defects 

* Cancers 

* Reproductive Disorders 

* Immune System Breakdown  

* Asthma 

* Chlorinated tap water can more than double the risk of bladder and rectal cancers in certain individuals.

Note- Research suggests when chlorine reacts with organic compounds in water it can form mutagenic and/or carcinogenic compounds.

 A 1989 Epidemiology study reports the following:

1. Male smokers who consumed chlorinated tap water for 40 years or longer, doubled their risk of bladder cancer compared with smoking males who consumed non-chlorinated water. Women who drank chlorinated water, on the other hand, had only slightly raised risks for bladder cancers, regardless of smoking status.  

2. Rectal cancers for males and females escalated with duration of consumption of chlorinated water. 

3. Individuals on low-fiber diets who also drank chlorinated water for over 40 years more than doubled their risk for rectal cancer.

Note – The subjects in this study who ate a diet low in fiber and did not exercise also exhibited higher risk levels compared to those who did the opposite.

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