Ozone for the Home – Part 2

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As soon as we posted the Ozone for DIY’ers – Part 1 , we received email asking to talk more about the “scammers” out there selling products claiming to treat mold. A few emails asked for specific names of products. I don’t want to list names, but I think you will see a pattern which will help you decide for yourself.

How can you tell if you may be dealing with a scammer?

Well, anyone promising you something too good to be true is a good sign. Off the top off my head I can think of three questionable products out there. All three of these products are sold by individuals that seem to be involved with pyramid selling, like AMWAY (multi-level marketing). The salespeople will not only sell you a unit, but try to recruit you into selling them. Some just want to sell you a product. Most of them will have business cards with a “code number” on it, or a website offshoot dedicated with their name at the end, example www.scammerozone.com/johndoe 

Below is an edited copy of an email I received from one of these guys. He was trying to suck me in. 

What bothers me most is his emails were based on ways to make money off clients instead of helping them. Finding the cause of the mold spores is the real issue. I am a mold inspector. biocide applicator but I want to introduce you to something that can add a lot of revenue to your business. This is state of the art technology and should go with every inspection and remediation. We are in positions to benefit greatly while providing the customer something that they can’t get from every other remediator and or CBA or inspector. If you are serious about growing your business rapidly (though I am sure you have plenty of works ) give me a call, I would like to talk to you about this. I am not interested in selling you anything. I want to sell you on the technology and we will both benefit greatly. Imagine being able to tell the customer that you can offer them something that will kill 99.7% of all mold, bacteria, and fungus on all the surfaces in their house but it isn’t a biocide. 603-XXX-1888 Indoor air quality isn’t good quality without this, no matter how good a remediator you are. After I replied, no thank you – Next Email from Art F. I am an independant XXXquest representitive and the point is we are the best in air purification so while you scrub the air and kill the surface , you can offer a unit to your customer as a garauntee that should spores be present in their homes ever again they will not be able to colonize. HEPA units for home use are worthless, I plan on getting into remediation but I sell these units after a sanitization because if there is something in the wall growing that I don’t know about this unit will neutralize the mycotoxins. It does have a low level ozone output but it uses a jacked up version of photo catalytic oxidation to purify the entire air space. It is RCI radiant catalytic Ionization. The technology is certified by the space foundation as the only space certified air unit in the world. It has a dc ionizer , rf ionizer and I can’t remember the other one put reduces 99.7% of all particulates in the air and the ozone can be turned up to 300mgh for odor problems. Essentially it replicates the way nature purifys itself but 40% faster than ozone alone. It is what NASA uses to purify the air on the space station and what the pentagon used on 9-11. Plus the chinese cdc has found the technology as effective in cleaning the air in a building during a biological weapon attack. It has been tested on the avain flu by Kansas state University and killed 199,000 infected cells in under 12 hours. They also tested in on EColi, strep and several others including the common cold. Air purifyers as a whole don’t work. I know air changers fall into a different category, I have a 700cfm unit but this is for everyday use. You can rub an onion on your hand and put it in front of the machine for 90 sec and the smell is completely gone. A lrge ammount of NORMI members and others in the mold business have found this to be a lucrative income in addition to an already great business. Basically it uses a UVX light which is both UVB and UVC wrapped in a honeycomb matrix made up of Titainium Dioxid, silver, copper , and Rhobidium and it creates Suer oxides both hydro peroxides and p[eroxides that attack microbes in your whole air space. The difference is when the super oxides are already there and something isd introduced into the environment the problem is quickly attacked and dealt with minus having to wait for air to be filtered like other systems which is impossible. XXXquest was featured 2x this yr in success from home magazines as one of the greatest home business opportunities in existence and by Healthier you magazing for their superior technology. They have no competition because no other system can even come close to qualify. 

 I could write a few pages, picking apart these emails, but I wasted enough space just posting the emails. (BTW, I left the spelling mistakes in his emails on purpose.) 

If you have mold in your house, it is the because of an event or a condition which allows it grow. Even if you kill the spores in the air, you still have mold somewhere producing these spores. Just let it be known that there are people out there that make claims that don’t add up.

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