You Have Mold, Now What?

Eco3 Environmental Uncategorized You Have Mold, Now What?

We live in the Information Age, and unfortunately the Disinformation Age as well.

Everyday we receive calls from people who have discovered mold in their homes, places of business or elsewhere and they have questions. They have lot’s of questions, and rightfully so. Most people will start by doing an internet search looking for answers. Some people become overwhelmed, some scared and some confused. To be honest all of those emotions are justified, let me tell you why.

 Bad Advice

But wait, a person on social media said this, my relative said that, I read this, I watched a video….etc. Who and/or what is to be believed? If your comfortable with your mechanic also cutting your hair or your plumber also doing your taxes, then by all means take the mold advice from just anyone.


When it comes to mold issues there is no cookie cutter solution, no magic wand, no one-size fits all. Each case has it’s own set of variables and considerations. A product or technique used to address mold in a specific case may not be be an option for another.


Since every mold situation is different, an experienced mold professional can not only address your mold issue, they can tell you why you have a mold issue and even how to prevent future mold growth. All this knowledge comes from years of working experience. Find a mold professional with years of experience to help you. 


Sure, you can DIY anything..but should you? Do you know how to properly address the situation? Do you know how to protect yourself from mold. Do you know how to prevent cross contamination. Do you have the proper equipment? The more you know about mold, the less likely you will consider DIY.

 Free Inspections

Most mold remediation companies will offer free inspections. My advice is to call and have them come perform an inspection. Be ready for the visit, have questions written down. If you don’t feel comfortable with an inspector, call another company and have them come out. You have nothing to lose.

Even if you are not in our area, you are always welcome to reach out to us with your mold questions. 

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